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1)   There are 12-minutes in an NBA basketball quarter.  The scoreboard displays the amount of time remaining in the quarter.  The scoreboard says “5:34”, how many minutes have been played at this point in the quarter?


2)   James and Racheal played tennis against each other.  Racheal won six games and James won 3 games. How many games did Racheal beat James by?


3)   30 people go to basketball tryouts for a school team.  3 people are cut the first day, 2 people are cut the second day, and 10 people are cut the last day.  How many people are left on the team?


4)   Jj and Logan boxed each other.  The judge ruled that Logan won the fight 56-55; however, Logan was given a 2-point penalty.  What was the final score? Does this change who won the fight?


5)   Jake had a dozen baseballs in his bag to use during practice.  Two of his balls were lost and one was hit outside the park. How many baseballs does Jake have left?

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